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Where God Builds Disciples

Who We Are

In 1986, we began to believe and pray for a Christian radio station. We did not want the typical station, but one that would be void of news, weather, sports, and music. The real deep desire of our hearts was to preach the gospel worldwide.  Our desire was to offer programming that would help teach discipleship to anyone and everyone.

To keep our vision alive, we nicknamed our station WGBD. Throughout the years, we would say: "Oh, how we wish we could have a radio station so that we could broadcast the sermons of our pastor and other men and women of God."

In prayer one day (1997), God showed us the world - and the Internet as a tool for preaching the gospel. We were excited with this and began immediately to prepare a website for our home church Discipleship Training and in 2022. As we developed our web site for our church, we felt God was beginning to nudge us towards starting our dream of having a real audio station.

We marvel how God has helped us, because the cost to reach the world via the Internet is certainly less expensive than buying our own satellite, building, radio tower, etc. Our prayer is that God will put His anointing on it all. God owns WGBD.

What is unique about our website is that any person can come to our site anytime, day or night, and participate in a Bible study or listen to any of the sermons by the men and women of God we have on WGBD.

Isn't God wonderful!  God gave the vision in prayer, and it is God who has opened the doors to preach and teach worldwide.

Statement of Faith

We believe: in the Eternal, Almighty God, Who has revealed Himself to mankind as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; that through Him all things were created.

We believe: that the Bible is inspired of God and is to be regarded as the final authority in all matters of faith; that man, created in God’s image, fell from God’s favor at the beginning of time and is depraved, "deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked" (Jeremiah 17:9).

We believe: that man can be saved by grace alone through the atoning blood of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit by confession of sins, repentance, faith, and the rebirth.

We believe that once man is born of God, he is called to discipleship.  He is called to follow Jesus through self-denial and obedience.  He is to seek the will of God daily and that joy unspeakable and full of glory belong to those who follow Jesus, leading to the precious fruit of the Spirit and to all the wonderful things that God has prepared for them.

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