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Welcome to ASK SEEK KNOCK BIBLE STUDY This is a self-directed "6-Week Prayer & Fasting Bible Study." How does one design a class about prayer? Be assured this is a simple study. You and I know that prayer is far deeper than can be portrayed in just a few weeks of study. However, little the crumbs that do exist in this study, may they be used for His kingdom so that His will can be done. Prayer is not just a mumble of mere words, for Paul said in First Thessalonians: "Pray without ceasing." (1 Th. 5:17) Prayer is more than an embodiment of words, it is an embodiment of our entire being. May Jesus help you to clothe yourself in His Presence, His posture and in His attitude of prayer. For indeed our Savior is "ever interceding" - can we do less?

We highly recommend that you purchase the two books used in this Bible Study and they are: "The Power of Prayer" by R.A. Torrey and the devotional book: "Kneeling We Triumph." These two books are excellent, and a must for anyone who wants a deeper prayer walk. You will not be disappointed! "The Power of Prayer" will take you into the corridors and doorways of His Kingdom. Dr. Torrey the author of "The Power of Prayer" was a personal friend to D. L. Moody. Kneeling We Triumph is an excellent 60 day devotional comprised of prayer thoughts and meditations written by various men and women who lived prayer. This devotional speaks to any honest heart and calls "pray, pray, pray." To purchase these books contact the publishers and we have provided direct links for your convenience.

Our teachers for this Bible Study are: Pastor Reimar Schultze of Kokomo, Indiana is a graduate from Asbury Seminary. Pastor Schultze has been on radio for 30 years, and he also has a writing ministry entitled: "Call to Obedience." Pastor Schultze began to write the Call to Obedience in 1974 as he felt led to give instruction on godly living. You may receive your own personal copy each month by email sign up across the page! Or visit his website: www.schultze.org

These handouts are designed to be used and therefore you will not violate any copyright laws when you download them or print them on your own computer. Our only request is that you would give proper recognition as to where you found the materials should you use them for a group presentation We would appreciate any feedback you have about this Bible study, or if you would like to see another subject of study, please do not hesitate to send us an email at: info@discipleshiptoday.org Our prayer is that you will be challenged, convicted, cleansed, and revived as you take this 6 week class on prayer. May God grant you His "POWER IN PRAYER" Amen.