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Welcome to WGBD's Prayer & Fasting Bible Study

This is a self-directed "7 - Week Prayer & Fasting Bible Study." We want you to study His Word, rather than  rush through  the audio and handouts.  This world is in too much of a hurry, and God's will is best known when you can: "be still and know that I am God." We highly recommend that you purchase  Dr. Bill Bright's books: "The Coming Revival" and "7 Steps to Successful Fasting & Prayer." Dr. Bright is the founder of Campus Crusade For Christ International. You may purchase his books through your local book store or online.  Fasting requires precautions and some  person should never fast without professional medical supervision. Consult your physician especially if you take medications.  It is best to thoroughly read these two books before you fast.  

The world needs revival. The church needs revival.   I need revival 

If there was ever an hour for revival, it is now!  The church today lacks unction, is  prayerless, powerless, and as Dr. Ravenhill said in his book: Why Revival Tarries: "The prayer meeting is dead or dying."  The  moral decay of our nation continues to rise, and the church apears to be asleep. It seems she has no awareness that she has been called to be a soldier and that this Christian walk with God is  WARFARE. Do you really pray? Are you crying out in prayer for revival?  If not, why not?  What is your excuse? Continue Reading


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