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"The Power of Prayerl"
RA Torrey

©Copyrighted 1924 By Fleming H. Revell Co. 
Photo used  by Permission  of Zondervan Publishing House.

"Kneeling We Triumph"
Harvey & Tait Publishers

©Copyrighted 1982 by Harvey & Tait Publishers  
Photo used by Permission.


1.What time of day do you pray?

Early AM     Mid-Morning   Afternoon   Evening    After Midnight

2. Do you pray at the same time each day?  Yes   No

3. How long do you spend in prayer each day?

15 Minutes   30 Minutes

1 Hour    More than 1 Hour

4. What is your posture in prayer? (Kneeling, Walking, etc.)

5. Do you read your Bible during your prayer time? Yes   No

6. Do you read through the Bible each year? Yes  No

7. Do you use a devotional in your prayer time? Yes  No

8. What is the name of your current devotional?

9. Do you routinely keep a prayer journal? Yes  No

10.  Do you have a specific place where you pray each day?  Yes  No

11. Do you fast? Yes  No

12. Do you routinely fast? Yes  No

13. What type of fast? (one day, extended, etc.)

14. Do you use praise in your prayer time?

Yes  No   If Yes, how long of time do you spend in praise?

15. Do you praise God out loud or quietly within your thoughts?

16. Do you use a songbook in your prayer time? Yes  No   

17. Do you attend church prayer meetings? Yes  No  If No, why not?

18. Do you memorize Scriptures?

Yes  No   

19. Do you have a quiet time with God where you only listen?

Yes  No  

20. Do you pray for the persecuted church?

Yes  No   

21. Do you have a prayer partner?

Yes   No

22. Do you routinely pray for the pastors and teachers of your church? Yes  No

23.  Do you pray for the missionaries of your church?

Yes  No

24. Do you pray for souls to be saved? Yes  No

25. Do you pray for your children? Yes  No

26. Do you pray for your spouse? Yes  No

27. Do you pray for worldwide revival? Yes  No

28. Do you make it a habit to read biographies of men and women of God? Yes  No If yes, list the recent Christian biographies you have read:

29. Do you receive answers to your prayers? Yes  No

30. Now after answering 29 questions what do you think Jesus would have you change or adjust with your prayer time?