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The characteristics of prayer  in the Holy Spirit are:

1.  Intense Earnestness. (p. 138 The Power of Prayer by R.A. Torrey)

2.  Intelligent Praying.  (p. 140 The Power of Prayer by R.A. Torrey)

3.  Complete Assurance that God has heard and answered our prayer. (p. 140)

4.  Determination in our praying, the determination to get what we ask from God, a persistence in asking until we do get it. (p.. 141)

To Intercede one must:1. We must surrender our wills and ourselves absolutely and unreservedly to God. (p. 141)2.

We must scrupulously obey God in every department of our lives. (p. 141-142)3. 

We must realize and keep in mind our own utter inability to pray aright, and our entire dependence upon the Holy Spirit. (p. 142)4. 

We must definitely ask God to guide us by His Holy Spirit as we pray. (p. 143)5. 

We must count Upon God's answering our prayer to send His Holy Spirit to teach us to pray; we must count upon His sending His Holy Spirit to teach us to pray. (p. 143)6. 

We must keep getting filled with the Holy Spirit.  (p. 144)7. 

We must study the Word of God daily and earnestly. (p.144) Quotations from The Power of Prayer by RA Torrey

 Example:  George Muller


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